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W H O  A R E  W E ?

Jendia Studios is a young game startup based in Dallas, Texas with a crew of sci-fi enthusiasts passionately creating fantastic worlds and engrossing adventures. We are actively developing a story-driven space opera, which will take players across cyberpunk and exotic sci-fi landscapes, immersing them in a unique mix of 3rd-person action gameplay and fully-voiced, interactive dialogue.


Working at Jendia Studios means fulfilling your creative ambitions, collaborating with a team of like-minded creators, but most importantly, building amazing worlds, characters and stories. Come join us on our journey!

O P E N    P O S I T I O N S

Our current positions are part time internships aimed at applicants who are eager to learn and want to work on an ambitious project that will boost their portfolio and resume! If you want to have a professional game company on your resume/CV, this is your chance!

Also, if while reading a job description you wonder whether “you can do everything required,” submit your application and let us be the judge.







To Apply for a Role

Please submit your resume to:


In the email, please include:

  1. Position(s) you're applying for      

  2. A link to your reel or portfolio      

  3. Your attached PDF file resume     

Don’t See Your Position?


No problem! Just submit your application with a description of the position(s) you’d like to apply for, as well as your resume and any applicable portfolio or reel!

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