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All characters in Stellar Skies™ are fully voiced! Come discover the vocal talent breathing life into the inhabitants of wild space.


Curtis Lovell

Voice of Nox

Curtis is a seasoned actor from Vancouver, with experience on-screen and behind the mic. ”Nox was such a pleasure to voice and the team at Jendia was incredible to work with.”


Mary-Anne Stanek

Voice of Izra & News Anchor

Mary-Anne is an experienced voice actress living in France. “Voice acting is the closest I’ll ever get to being a century-old android ambassador living in space and what more could I ask for?”


Jarvis B Manning Jr

Voice of Officer Faru, Rex & More

Jarvis is a Grammy Nominated Feature Artist with experience on Broadway and theaters all around the world. He most recently appeared in “Aint Too Proud - The Life and Times of Temptations.”


Bowman Dean

Voice of Roy, Bandits & More

As an actor specializing in extreme vocals, Bowman had a blast voicing Roy. “I felt these characters really allowed me to showcase my vocal range.  This was a lot of fun!”


John Marouf

Voice of News Anchor & More

John is a skilled VO/Audible Narrator, gamer and father of two. “I really enjoyed being a part of this project!”


Krystle Starr

Voice of Kissing Woman & More

Krystle is an actress with a long history in the entertainment industry. Her TV appearances include Season 1 of LEGO Masters and Screen Machines. She is the host of


Amber Jones

Voice of Oyra

Amber is an up-and-coming actress who loves video editing and traveling around the world. “I really enjoyed Oyra's sweet demeanor and her will to keep going and not give up.”


Jessica Westlund Yost

Voice of Jaya

Jessica received her bachelor's degree in Radio/TV/Film and has a love for all things media related. “Being a part of the Stellar Skies cast was amazing and a chance to keep my passions alive!”

Key Blackwood

Voice of Dixana, Terminal & More

"Can't say enough about the characters I played in Stellar Skies. Dixana holds a special place in my heart and I could probably voice the Terminal all day!"


Chris Rossing

Voice of Governor Jaxil & Conrad

Chris has acted on stage for 20+ years, but would rather be heard than seen these days.

“I had a lot of fun voicing these characters, and the folks at Jendia were great every step of the way.”


Marc Adrian Garcia

Voice of Jared, Vendor & More

Raised playing games and watching anime, Marc has dreamed of using his voice to tell stories. “Getting out of my comfort zone, I pushed my voice to convey the grit that Jared has in Stellar Skies.”


Matthew Janke

Voice of Office Len & More

Matthew is a film maker, director, producer and actor. “Creating content has always been a passion of mine. I hope you all enjoy the game as much as I enjoyed making it.”


Jená Prystowsky

Voice of Market Shopper & More

Jená is an actress and a model with 10+ years of experience ranging from Verizon and Samsung print ads to commercials and theater work. She also hosts a podcast for creative professionals. 


Andy C.

Voice of Market Shopper & More

As a hobby-driven, jack of all trades, Andy really loves to be a part of many creative projects. He brought a lot of positive energy to the team!


Alec Shiff

Voice of Slick, Yurik & More

Alec is an LA based actor, director, and creative story teller with almost a decade of industry experience. When not working you can find him camping out in the great outdoors.


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